i love mascots.

December 1, 2008

Since I love mascots so much I thought I would highlight some of my all time favorites


Everybody loves The Famous Chicken. He is probably the most popular of all time. Don’t you just love it when he takes his beaks and turns them in the opposite direction.


The Phillie Phanatic is hilarious…He has probably dealt the MLB umpires more grief than any other mascot.


I promise I’m not being partial…but I love Hairy the Dawg. He’s one of the best and I used to love seeing him at the games when I was a kid.

perhaps more to come.


2 Responses to “i love mascots.”

  1. Melissa Delcher Says:

    I actually have a huge picture of the chicken mascot!

  2. One Old Dude Says:

    The “Chicken” was hilarious when he used to work every Padres game at old Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego. His character and likeness was actually owned by the Pad’s flagship radio station and he started out getting about $25 a game. He eventually (after litigation with the lawyers winning and making a killing) bought the rights to his character and started making annual treks to all the ballparks and other events at about $25,000 a gig… which was more than most major rock acts were getting at the time. A nice $$ increase and he didn’t even have to go to arbitration.

    But these days the Phinatic is the absolute best in his field, or anybody else’s field for that matter… and when he gets on that four wheeler! Ha!

    But close to OOD’s heart is Hairy the Dawg… ah such of which memories are made. I even have his portrait adorning my wall… gratis from my beloved son!


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