parenting class.

October 6, 2008

This past Saturday Ashley and I went to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham (where we are having our child) and participated in the day long parenting class. It was interesting to say the least. The class was informational and detailed if you know what I mean. The morning session was mainly about child birth, the signs of labor and of course the infamous birth video in all it’s glory. Right after the video, which was not bad at all, all the moms in the room were wiping tears away…it was very sweet to see the parents with their newly born child. It really hit home that we will soon be doing this ourselves.

I think the part I learned the most about was newborn care. I didn’t know you couldn’t just take a baby’s clothes off and bath it…apparently you have to keep them wrapped up and clean one area at a time. Glad I learned that. It was a cool day to learn a little more about what is coming our way.


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