not sure.

October 1, 2008

With all the recent drama over the $700 billion bailout everyone seems to have an opinion. Well, guess what…I don’t have one really. I do think that it is probably necessary to save our tail but it stinks that its come to this point. So, there in lies my non-opinion, er, opinion. It did pass congress so we’ll see what happens next. If you have an opinion…by all means, share it the comments section.


2 Responses to “not sure.”

  1. Ashley Says:

    try 850 billion now. our deficit has increased over the last 3-4 days. my opinion? the “regulators” and “overseers” of wall street should be imprisoned, and our government is pathetic. we “common folk” should overthrow.

  2. gack24 Says:

    Cantrell for President 2032…you wanna be my VP or Sec of Defense?

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