September 11, 2008

I know every blogger in the blogging world is probably going to post today about 9/11 and I’m gonna have to go ahead and lump myself in with them. I can’t believe it has been 7 years. I remember where I was like it was yesterday. I had a morning class at JSU and when I walked in everyone was talking about the first plane and I remember them saying it had flown into the world trade center and I was like “OK…yeah, it did.”

Then after class I went to our student commons area to eat and there were people everywhere surrounding the TVs. Once I saw the actual footage it hit me that this was for real and we were under attack. I had never known what that felt like but I immediately thought about my dad who was on the road through Atlanta. By this time, however, all flights were grounded. He actually had to go pick up some friends who were dropped in Atlanta. Our baseball practice was cancelled that day and rightfully so. I remember our coach saying he wanted to be home when his kids returned from school to answer whatever questions they had. It was such an unbelievable day. I watched as both towers fell and just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had heard a family friend who was a veteran say before that he would go back to war to keep that stuff from being here…but now it was. I have since then been to Ground Zero and that really put the whole thing into perspective for me even more. So much was lost and I saw it.

I do believe that we are safer now than then and really hope that we continue to advance in the fight against terror. It’s so hard because at times we can’t identify our enemy. Since this is a political time I have heard some say that they wish Americans would rally together again as we did then in spite of political affiliation but my thoughts on that are a little different. I wish we would as people turn to God the way the world did then.


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