obama’s change.

September 2, 2008

Let me start by saying that I’m not the political voice. I am Republican and I usually look over the options or in this case, the candidates, and choose the best one that lines up with what I believe is best for the country and go about my business. I’ll say again, I’m not the usual political mouth…I leave that to my wife who is actually good at it. However, I have become very interested, involved and compelled by our election as of late. Today while listening to Rick and Bubba I heard about an article by Thomas Sowell and I knew I just had to share it on here. This, unlike what I have been hearing from the dems, makes sense. This is perfect example of why I am Republican and will be voting as such in November.

Check out this very good article here.

Now, I realize that by opening up this type of topic I also open up the floor for comments…just keep in mind who approves said comments and know that this will not turn into a Democrat sounding off platform. That’s the beauty of MY blog…I control it.


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