August 8, 2008

Last night Ashley and I sat and watched the Steven Curtis Chapman family on Larry King Live. I was so blown away by every member of this family. They are such good people and it is so sad what they are going through. We have always heard that SCC was the “real deal” as we like to say and when we had the opportunity to meet him, we found that to be absolutely true.

We even sat behind him and Mary Beth at worship night at GMA and worshipped with them and saw how real they were while no one is watching. And, I can honestly say that after meeting him, seeing all this, and seeing their reaction…that I hope one day people look at me and my family and think about what amazing good people we are…about what a good man I am.

The family did so well with handling Larry King’s questions and sometimes cutoffs and I really believe that someone was reached for the cause of Christ through the interview….it was just amazing. Steven has recorded a new verse to his song, “Yours” off of his new album and you can download it on itunes. All the proceeds and even SCC’s royalties go to Shohannah’s Hope. I have included a photo of the paper where he wrote the second verse.


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