’s 10 artists who should quit.

July 26, 2008

This little article was posted on the music page of 10 artists they think should give it up and stop making music (in no particular order)…my opinion is also included:

    1. Madonna – agree
    2. The Black Crowes – disagree and I’m sure this guy would as well.
    3. The Who – disagree…some greats have earned the right to keep going.
    4. Ray Davies – not familiar so I guess I’ll agree.
    5. Joni Mitchell – again not very familiar so again I’ll agree
    6. Bryan Adams – disagree
    7. The Rolling Stones – disagree because of the jack ($$) they are still making!!
    8. Elton John – agree but I love his music.
    9. Carly Simon – agree…she has a big mouth.
    10. Def Leppard – agree…never was much of a fan.

I probably just opened myself up for some ridiculing so bring it on.


One Response to “’s 10 artists who should quit.”

  1. gack24 Says:

    I agree with all except The Black Crowes (and I don’t care what anyone else thinks…they’re old and don’t carrry their age well) and Bryan Adams…he simply can’t sing anymore…did you see him on American Idol? It hurt me to listen. This is exactly what I don’t want to become. He can still write though….

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