keep givin’ him the mic.

July 14, 2008

Tonight I, like many others I’m sure, watched the Home Run Derby on ESPN. There were some stars missing (ARod) but this was pretty good. The obvious highlight, even though he didn’t win, was Josh Hamilton’s first round performance. He hit 28 home runs…28 bombs, 28 bombskis, 28 blasts, 28…well, you get it. You can get a complete rundown of the derby here. However, that really wasn’t the best part.

First of all, you need to really understand this guy’s story. Josh Hamilton was the 1st player taken in the 1999 draft which was my senior year in high school so I had heard his name a little bit because of my involvement in baseball. He was advertised as the best 5 tool player out of high school since Alex Rodriquez. Sadly, Josh fell into drug addiction and at one time was out of baseball. But, thanks to the prayers of his wife and family, Josh turned his life over to Christ and has given Him all the glory ever since and is now a different man because of it….and he has been telling everybody about it. You can read a little more in detail about his story here and here.

Josh didn’t disappoint tonight…he was quick to give all glory to God and to quote him was “just amazed about where God has brought his life in the last few years.” I love stories like this and I have to applaud ESPN for continuing to give him the mic!


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