order my steps.

July 11, 2008

I had an awesome thing happen to me yesterday that I just have to share. I was up in Fort Payne, Alabama yesterday working and was riding through town and saw The DeKalb Theatre. We are scheduled to play at this theatre in September and I thought maybe I could go in and check it out. So, I walked in and walked by the office where there were two men talking. One was the obvious building manager and the other appeared to possibly be the maintenance guy there. I said hello and asked if it was ok to look around…the manager said “sure.”

After walking around the theatre (which is beautiful by the way…gonna be a good show), I start to head out and stick my head in the office to say thank you. The manager guy says “So, who are you with that’s going to be playing here?”…”Four Days Late,” I replied.

“Oh, OK, I’ve heard of you guys”…kinda cool.

Here comes the good part…He then just out of the blue looks at me and says “Hey Joel, this is William and he and I have been talking a while and he is having some marital and family problems…would you pray with us?”

I just about swallowed my tongue but said sure and we both started praying for William. Now, I don’t know this man but I just thanked God for bringing me there and prayed that William would give up and turn his life and situation over to God. William was obviously emotional and moved by both of us praying for us and very humbly thanked us. I also happened to have a cd that I had made of some worship songs (none of us) and gave it to him. The first song was “Healer” which I wrote about here. I thought the song would speak to him and I’m sure it did.

NOW…the moral of my story. Why did I go to Fort Payne?…I hadn’t originally planned to. Why did I stop by at that exact moment in time?…I got in my car and was just blown away at how God had ordered my steps to be there to pray for this man. I will probably never see him again but I hope that he allows God to be Lord of his life and things begin to change. How great and wonderful at planning God is that all this would line up just as it did. I am so grateful that God obviously sent me to Fort Payne yesterday and pray that He continues to order my steps.

The next time your plans are changed or something doesn’t work out that you did plan, just know that God may have a very good reason for disrupting your day.


One Response to “order my steps.”

  1. One Old Dude Says:

    … “the steps of a ‘GOOD MAN’ are ordered by the Lord”… and you’re just at the beginning.

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