uga vi laid to rest.

July 3, 2008

Anyone who is not a Georgia fan will think this is silly and won’t understand why this is a big deal but, UGA VI, who passed away last week, was buried on Monday at Sanford Stadium. We Georgia fans simply go wild over these dogs and love to love them. I have heard Mark Richt say before that on “fan photo day” he and the players have the 2nd longest line next to UGA. Everyone wants to get their picture with UGA. Georgia enjoyed great success during UGA VI’s tenure. Here is a little piece of the press release on Georgia’s website about UGA VI’s burial….I love the last line of this.

ATHENS, Ga. — Private burial services for Uga VI, the mascot for University of Georgia athletic teams, were held Monday afternoon in Sanford Stadium.

Uga VI died in his hometown of Savannah, Ga., on Friday from congestive heart failure. He was buried in a marble vault in the Southwest corner of Sanford Stadium with his five predecessors. Speaking at the services were UGA President Dr. Michael F. Adams and former Georgia team chaplain Claude McBride.

All of Georgia’s athletic teams enjoyed remarkable success during Uga VI’s reign. All told, 19 of Georgia’s 35 national championships were secured under Uga VI, and Bulldog athletic teams won 35 SEC Championships. In addition, Georgia recorded six top-10 finishes in the Director’s Cup, the annual all-sports competition ranking the nation’s top athletic programs.

A successor to Uga VI will be announced by the Seilers and the Athletic Association at a later date; however, the Seilers have stated that the lineage is secure.


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