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chloe holleman.

July 29, 2008

Our manager, April, and her husband, Greg, are in the long process of adopting and are getting closer and closer each day. They are raising money to complete the financial aspect of the adoption and are still needing help. April started a blog for their journey to parenthood…go check it out here.

They are so close to being able to go get her but before they can, the money must be paid. I just thought I would highlight their blog and send you guys there so you read their story and pray for them during all this. April has been a huge blessing to our ministry and I personally am ready for them to complete this mission because I know how much it means to their family. And, if you feel led to give, I can tell you first hand that it will be very appreciated and you will be blessed for it.

Advertisements’s 10 artists who should quit.

July 26, 2008

This little article was posted on the music page of 10 artists they think should give it up and stop making music (in no particular order)…my opinion is also included:

    1. Madonna – agree
    2. The Black Crowes – disagree and I’m sure this guy would as well.
    3. The Who – disagree…some greats have earned the right to keep going.
    4. Ray Davies – not familiar so I guess I’ll agree.
    5. Joni Mitchell – again not very familiar so again I’ll agree
    6. Bryan Adams – disagree
    7. The Rolling Stones – disagree because of the jack ($$) they are still making!!
    8. Elton John – agree but I love his music.
    9. Carly Simon – agree…she has a big mouth.
    10. Def Leppard – agree…never was much of a fan.

I probably just opened myself up for some ridiculing so bring it on.

i’m an olympic athlete.

July 25, 2008

Apparently, according to this article I am similar to an olympic athlete??!?!??!??!!!

I will say, however, I don’t burn that many calories when I play…I try to stay under control.

Thanks to Adam for finding this.

40 day fast.

July 22, 2008

This will be my contribution blog to the 40 day fast. My blogging partner today is Annie. Go check out her blog here. A very special thank you to the Inspired to Action folks for letting me be a part of this!

A few years ago, we had the opportunity to go with a church group to Atlanta, GA to be a part of a weekend in downtown working with Church on the Streets. Church on the Streets is a ministry to the homeless of Atlanta. Atlanta is within the top five cities in America with the largest homeless population. Church on the Street ministers to the homeless by feeding and clothing them, offering spiritual direction, connecting them with local churches, providing pastoral care, and much more.

Our weekend started by working and cleaning at a homeless shelter where we met many of the staff members as well as the tenants. Something that is important to remember is these shelters are emptied every morning and then opened up every evening. So, while they provide a place to sleep…it is not a place to live. To say this was a humbling experience is a huge understatement. I have been in Atlanta many, many times but had never seen first hand what a huge need there was.

As for me, the biggest and most important part of our weekend was the Saturday night worship service. Church on the Streets basically opens their doors for a worship service for anyone on the streets who wants to come. Before worship started, we handed out clothes to well over 300 people. Then came the worship service followed by supper for all who attended. In a small chapel, we crammed all 300 people and had church. This service will be something forever etched in my memory, and I will never forget it. I stood there in the middle of people singing, dancing and praising God…99% of which, were homeless…the other 1% was the staff and volunteers. I cannot explain to you the impact this one night had on my life. The most memorable moment for me was the prayer time. I watched a man stand with many others and pray “Thank You Lord for Your mercy…Thank You Lord for being so good to me…for blessing me!” WOW!! Here was a man who had no home, had no idea where his next meal would come from or where he would sleep that night, and he was thanking God for His mercy on his life. I was blown away and have never forgotten it. Whenever I am stressed about trivial things like paint color, what clothes to wear, where to eat…I think of this moment and hopefully pipe myself down and realize where I am and where I could be.

Church on the Streets is a wonderful place to volunteer and makes a great mission weekend for any group. Get everyone involved! Collect clothes, bottled water or whatever you can think of, and go be a blessing to someone who needs it. For more information on how you can volunteer or take your group to Atlanta and work with Church on the Streets, click here.

You can also help by giving to this wonderful ministry to enable them to keep doing a wonderful work of God. This ministry operates and survives solely on the donations of individuals, groups, churches and organizations that partner with them to support their work. Click here to help.

One day with this ministry can be life changing for you and hopefully a homeless person who needs ministered to. Please pray for Church on the Streets and how you may help.

election 08.

July 20, 2008

I have been finding a few neat things on Aaron’s blog here lately…Here is a very good site that covers any and all faith/religious topics discussed by both presidential candidates. VERY INTERESTING!! This is stuff we as Christians need to know in a very important election.

Go check it out here.

the dark knight.

July 19, 2008

I am going to start off this post with a very simple and bold statement:

The Dark Knight is the best Batman movie ever. Period.

As I said in the previous post, I won’t spoil the movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. But, I will say that it lived up to all the hype in my opinion. I will now make another simple, yet bold, statement:

Heath Ledger is the best Joker ever. In my opinion.

I promise I am not saying that because he is now deceased…some people are, however. I really thought he was great and I’ll say again that I really prefer this “dark knight” story line of Batman Begins and this movie…it’s much more real looking. The action was great. The movie looked awesome, if your a fan of a fine recorded film…I am. The story never stopped. It just kept moving along and kept you deep in. There are some surprises and those are very welcomed. As Ashley just said to me, “there are only so many ways to say it was good and go see it” so…it was good, go see it. I did find out something cool…this was filmed last summer in Chicago while we were there seeing The Cubies…wish I would have known.

This will be my last post about Batman for a while…I think.


July 18, 2008

I found this site on another blog where you put in your RSS feed and it gives you the most recently used words in your posts…so apparently I have talked about Batman a lot.


July 17, 2008

The new Batman movie, “The Dark Knight”, is upon us. I thought that I was going to get to see it on Wednesday night before the rest of the movie viewing world on Friday but sadly wound up being shot down. It was like my buddy, Josh, got my hopes all up like…”you can go with us to the movie!”…and, then just took them away like…”no, you can’t.” It was not cool but I hope to see it this weekend if the wife will oblige.

My favorite Batman movie to date is the first Batman which featured my favorite Batman character, Michael Keaton. Val Kilmer as OK as Batman although he did commit a cardinal sin…he smiled while in the Batman suit. George Clooney was a disgrace to the character. Whoever thought it was a good idea to have him should have had a few more brain storming sessions. In ER=good…In Batman=bad. I am liking this new Christian Bale guy as Batman…pretty raw. I am also enjoying The Dark Knight story line of the most recent Batman movies and can’t wait to see the late Heath Ledger as the Joker. So, hopefully, off to the movies I go tomorrow night…I’ll let you know how it goes but won’t spoil the movie like some do.

Who was your favorite Batman actor?

first ever video.

July 17, 2008

I just have to share Four Days Late’s very first ever music video for our current single, “Glorious King”. We are very proud of this!!

Hopefully you’ll be seeing this soon on the Gospel Music Channel!!

the all-star game.

July 16, 2008

So, I just stayed up very late watching the All Star Game and am sad that the National League lost…again. I got to tell you though, they kinda deserved it. I promise I am not being partial here but I am going to have to agree with my dad and ask…

Why in the world did Brian McCann not get into the game until the 15th inning?

I mean, he didn’t even hit. There were a few at-bats he missed out on…and, he could have popped one over that short porch in right field at any time….weird. Anywho, the pre-game stuff was awesome with lots of hall of famers and such…good stuff. I love baseball.

July 15, 2008

July 15, 2008

keep givin’ him the mic.

July 14, 2008

Tonight I, like many others I’m sure, watched the Home Run Derby on ESPN. There were some stars missing (ARod) but this was pretty good. The obvious highlight, even though he didn’t win, was Josh Hamilton’s first round performance. He hit 28 home runs…28 bombs, 28 bombskis, 28 blasts, 28…well, you get it. You can get a complete rundown of the derby here. However, that really wasn’t the best part.

First of all, you need to really understand this guy’s story. Josh Hamilton was the 1st player taken in the 1999 draft which was my senior year in high school so I had heard his name a little bit because of my involvement in baseball. He was advertised as the best 5 tool player out of high school since Alex Rodriquez. Sadly, Josh fell into drug addiction and at one time was out of baseball. But, thanks to the prayers of his wife and family, Josh turned his life over to Christ and has given Him all the glory ever since and is now a different man because of it….and he has been telling everybody about it. You can read a little more in detail about his story here and here.

Josh didn’t disappoint tonight…he was quick to give all glory to God and to quote him was “just amazed about where God has brought his life in the last few years.” I love stories like this and I have to applaud ESPN for continuing to give him the mic!

it’s getting close.

July 12, 2008

Please Lord, let this be the year.

class act.

July 12, 2008

While I was in Fort Payne, I got to see the newly unveiled Alabama monument that the city of Fort Payne built.

I just love stuff like this…you know, when somebody or a group (in this case the city) does something that is just classy…the right thing. These guys still live up there and have always been great to and for their community. Not to mention, they are country music royalty. I am glad to say that I saw the Alabama Farewell Tour which was phenomenal! They played for 3+ hours…no opening act…hit after hit after hit. If your ever up that way, go give it a look…absolutely awesome, long overdue and well deserved!