June 30, 2008

Things are quickly becoming all about the baby (still to be named)…and I am totally right in the middle of it myself. We are wrapped up in the nursery, getting prepared, registering and…getting used to idea of being parents. We have had many conversations about our son who is on the way and how we already love it and have since we first saw that little dot with a flashing heart beat.

I remember one time having a youth minister speak to us about grace and what it meant and how “amazing” it actually was. Grace is defined as freely given, unmerited favor and love. The key word there is unmerited or undeserving. He told a story of a man holding his first born and “gracing” the child. You see, at the time of birth, that child had done nothing…not one action or gesture to deserve to be loved…other than being born and being that person’s child. That’s where we are right now.


3 Responses to “grace.”

  1. One Old Dude Says:

    Hard to believe, but it only gets better… you’ll see.

  2. Mommie and Bah Says:

    We are thrilled!!! Do you have a rocking chair?!!!

  3. annie Says:

    I so know that place.

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