June 20, 2008

OK, So I finally can make the announcement on here that I have been waiting to make. Ashley and I are having a baby!! Yes, my legacy shall continue and I shall pass on wisdom to my child such as the importance of hitting the ball opposite field or establishing the pass early to open up the run or how to correctly eat baby back ribs…you know, stuff like that. Our due date is November 22 if not before. We actually go next week to find out what we are having…boy or girl?!?!? I’ll be honest…I’m feeling like its a girl…not sure why but I am. I’ll be fine either way. Our families are stoked and a lot of you who read this probably already know but I wanted to make the announcement official and open up the blogging lines of communication to talk about it. We have started a new family blog to mainly chronicle our journey into parenthood…go check it out here. It’s in its beginning stages but we’ll keep spicing it up and make it look good with all kinds of useful links and photos. So, go check out our new family blog and prepare yourself for my soon to be in the world offspring!

I’m going to be a father…(leans over and passes out.)


One Response to “finally.”

  1. One Ole Dude Says:

    Just always remember this my son… hitting behind the runner is always a priority, but never, ever allow the inside, in your wheelhouse pitch that you can drive, go by… turn on it and drive it hard! Chicks love the long ball!

    I guess you and Ashley knows that this means that I’ll soon have to be sleeping with a Grandma!

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