sad day.

June 13, 2008

Yesterday was a difficult day for us. We gave Jack away. This has been coming for quite some time now. Our situation has changed over the last few years with us being on the road a lot more and Ashley’s mom and dad moved which put both our parents a ways away from us. We just don’t have the help and now don’t have the time to devote to Jack and take care of him like we should. So, we posted some flyers and got a call from a couple who has a 4 year old grandson who lives with them. I think Jack will be very happy with them. They live out in the country and have room for him to run and play.

However, yesterday was really tough to give him up. We got Jack when he was just a baby and he sort of found us. He has such a gentle spirit and was just a big baby…emphasis on BIG. He was a monster to be a lab mix. Someone who has never gotten this attached to a dog wouldn’t understand but this has been a big change around our home. He is not far so I know we will go visit…I wanted to go today. We spent yesterday afternoon playing with Jack and letting him lick and love all over us. Here are some photos of our afternoon.


One Response to “sad day.”

  1. One Ole Dude Says:

    We know that this was a tough day… we’ve stood where you stand today too many times. It doesn’t help at all but he’s going to be fine and you will too… in time. It’s days like today that we don’t want to be 6 hours away.

    We love ya… OOD

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