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June 30, 2008

Things are quickly becoming all about the baby (still to be named)…and I am totally right in the middle of it myself. We are wrapped up in the nursery, getting prepared, registering and…getting used to idea of being parents. We have had many conversations about our son who is on the way and how we already love it and have since we first saw that little dot with a flashing heart beat.

I remember one time having a youth minister speak to us about grace and what it meant and how “amazing” it actually was. Grace is defined as freely given, unmerited favor and love. The key word there is unmerited or undeserving. He told a story of a man holding his first born and “gracing” the child. You see, at the time of birth, that child had done nothing…not one action or gesture to deserve to be loved…other than being born and being that person’s child. That’s where we are right now.


how it went down.

June 28, 2008

Here are the photos I promised. This was such a neat experience to see the ultrasound and find out what was on the way. We went back and she got Ashley on the table and put the “goop” on there and started looking. Then she said, “OK, I’m going to see if I can tell what it is….It’s a boy!” Wow. It was such a wonderful feeling. I was going to honestly be happy with whatever we found out but there was just something special about thinking about my son. Ashley was happy too and has wrote a little about it our our family blog.

All the family is very happy…now, I get to start painting and getting the nursery room ready….should be fun.

great news!

June 26, 2008

We found out yesterday that we are having a BOY!! We are very excited…I should be able to post some ultrasound pics soon.

40 day fast.

June 24, 2008

I am taking part of something, along with many other bloggers, called the 40 day fast. Basically, each day a different blogger will fast and also blog about and organization or area of the world that is in need. My day is July 23 and I will be writing about Church on The Streets in Atlanta, GA. I am putting the list of all the bloggers over on the left for everyone to click daily and read the blog for that day. There are 2 for each day…2 teams of 40.

I really thought this was a pretty neat thing among bloggers to inspire people to help these organizations who are working hard to make a difference. Go check them out daily!

georgia is in the finals.

June 23, 2008

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I am very happy about Georgia and Florida State making it to the College World Series and although FSU made a very early exit, Georgia is in the finals.  I think they will win but I will say on the front in that Fresno State does scare me a little.  They got hot at the right time and act like they don’t care if anyone believes in them or not.  But, I think Georgia is very strong across the board, especially pitching which is SO important at this point.  Should be interesting to see what happens…I’ll be watching!

who are you?

June 21, 2008

The last time I asked for some new people to add to my blogroll I didn’t have that much luck SO…hoping this will work this time…please comment to this post by clicking the name tag above and leave me your name & blog address if you’ve been reading mine at all. I have gotten more into reading other blogs and would love to read yours if you have one and in turn beef up my blogroll.


just a reminder.

June 20, 2008

It’s difficult when you build up so much hype and excitement about a new record and then once it’s here you’re like OK, what now. So, just a reminder…we just put a record out into the world and would love for you to buy it here with free shipping!! You can also download it on itunes as well if that sort of thing strikes your fancy. Our radio single is doing OK and hopefully will do better as people warm up to us as a new artist. So, you can help by doing your part and buying the record and then requesting the song on your christian radio station.

Thanks for helping out our little band!


June 20, 2008

OK, So I finally can make the announcement on here that I have been waiting to make. Ashley and I are having a baby!! Yes, my legacy shall continue and I shall pass on wisdom to my child such as the importance of hitting the ball opposite field or establishing the pass early to open up the run or how to correctly eat baby back ribs…you know, stuff like that. Our due date is November 22 if not before. We actually go next week to find out what we are having…boy or girl?!?!? I’ll be honest…I’m feeling like its a girl…not sure why but I am. I’ll be fine either way. Our families are stoked and a lot of you who read this probably already know but I wanted to make the announcement official and open up the blogging lines of communication to talk about it. We have started a new family blog to mainly chronicle our journey into parenthood…go check it out here. It’s in its beginning stages but we’ll keep spicing it up and make it look good with all kinds of useful links and photos. So, go check out our new family blog and prepare yourself for my soon to be in the world offspring!

I’m going to be a father…(leans over and passes out.)

rolling stone.

June 19, 2008

I am about to be a subscriber to Rolling Stone magazine. I bought one recently and literally read it from cover to cover. Plus, you can get 3 years for like $25…I think that’s a pretty good deal.

a leader serves.

June 19, 2008

I have saved a few podcasts from John Piper, Louie Gigglio and others and have been working my way through them lately. In one of John Piper’s sermons he made a great point about how a leader serves the people, group or team that he is leading. He kept this point simple so I will do the same: When Jesus washed the feet of the disciples before his arrest and crucifixion, do you think there was any doubt in the room about who the leader was?

Good point, lead by serving.

new coldplay record.

June 19, 2008

While at the beach I purchased the new album from one of my favorite bands, Coldplay. You should stop what you are doing and go do the same. The quality is great and I would recommend getting the CD to take full advantage. I’m sure a download is good as well but I’m a high quality kind of guy when it comes to this stuff. The main producer of the album is Brian Eno who has produced pretty much every U2 album that I am aware of…and, that’s saying something big. The album works as a whole as good as anything I have heard. What I mean by theat is it doesn’t sound like a bunch of songs recorded separately and then put together. It flows well and really makes sense together as well as individually. My favorite cut is definitely Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love. Its basically two songs put together to make one. The Reign of Love side has beautiful moving piano riff that makes you close your eyes and go “yeah, that’s it.”

So, to sum up…the album gets **** from me and I highly recommend.

at the beach.

June 15, 2008

We have very limited access to the internet here at the beach…meaning, we have to go somewhere where they have wireless. Today a young boy in front of us on the beach fell on one of those wood surf boards that you ride in shallow water and…broke his arm. I was asleep which was a good thing because Ashley said it was pretty graffic.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY Dad, Bah and Papa!!!

sad day.

June 13, 2008

Yesterday was a difficult day for us. We gave Jack away. This has been coming for quite some time now. Our situation has changed over the last few years with us being on the road a lot more and Ashley’s mom and dad moved which put both our parents a ways away from us. We just don’t have the help and now don’t have the time to devote to Jack and take care of him like we should. So, we posted some flyers and got a call from a couple who has a 4 year old grandson who lives with them. I think Jack will be very happy with them. They live out in the country and have room for him to run and play.

However, yesterday was really tough to give him up. We got Jack when he was just a baby and he sort of found us. He has such a gentle spirit and was just a big baby…emphasis on BIG. He was a monster to be a lab mix. Someone who has never gotten this attached to a dog wouldn’t understand but this has been a big change around our home. He is not far so I know we will go visit…I wanted to go today. We spent yesterday afternoon playing with Jack and letting him lick and love all over us. Here are some photos of our afternoon.

“o omaha” by the animals.

June 11, 2008

OK, in the spirit of the upcoming College World Series (I’m excited.), here is “O Omaha” as sung by The Animals of Section B at Florida State University…sung to the tune of “O Canada.”

O Omaha!

The Noles are going there!
On to Rosenblatt, the War Chant’s in the air.

With glowing bats and great defense,
Our pitching’s on a tear.

And the way it’s going
It looks as if Coach Martin’s walking there.

O Omaha, Garnet and Gold
Oh Omaha, let’s win the whole darn thing

Oh Omaha, let’s win the whole darn thing.

And who are The Animals, you ask? Well, just go here and check out the craziest, most organized fanatics in college baseball. They make going to a game at Dick Howser Stadium the awesome experience that it is. I’ll leave you with this short clip of Coach Mike Martin (or as the animals say, eleven) giving a classic line.

passion blog.

June 9, 2008

The Passion Conferences have become a great wave of godly college students coming together for the causes of Jesus and have also been a huge inspiration for us as well. I just love what Louie Giglio and the whole team is doing. Many of their worship leaders including Tomlin, Crowder, Redman, etc have been personal favorites of mine and have been great people to look up to as a young worship band ourselves. Currently, the Passion crew is doing a world tour. Go to their blog here and check out some updates from the tour as well as some awesome photography capturing what they are doing. I have included some of my personal favorites including a cool shot of David Crowder of The David Crowder* Band. I really enjoyed reading and looking at all the updates and thought you would as well.