just started desiring god…the book.

May 30, 2008

So I recently started reading the book listed below, Desiring God by John Piper. Robby was right, It does have some difficult to understand type stuff but if you sit and think for just a second and kinda read slow, you get it just fine. The book focuses on our duty to delight ourselves in the Lord and how this leads to happiness but the key is that it is our duty…our job as a christian. Like I said, I have just begun reading the book and have only scratched the surface of this fine literary piece. I look forward to finishing this selection. We just arrived at the beach for the weekend so hopefully I will have time to do some reading while listening to the waves crash in from the ocean.

Also, I will be taking some photos and will most likely post the best shots on here….I need to start a flicker page!?!…will look into that.

On the FDL front, we just uploaded our brand new myspace layout…check it out here. I think Josh and I did a good job on it if I do say so myself.


One Response to “just started desiring god…the book.”

  1. gack24 Says:

    It’s about time…

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