nice saturday.

April 26, 2008

Since we are home for the weekend, Ashley is making a list of things for us to do and things for us to get at Wal-Mart…we’re about to head there now. Ashley went with me last night down to WDJC for an on-air appearance on the Jon Walden Show. It went great and we all ate at Jim N’ Nicks before the show…that is one of my favorite places to eat for those who didn’t know. The cheese biscuits are now complimentary and are worth the trip themselves alone.

During the show, we gave away a cd to the “fourth” caller and it really made me nervous because I was thinking, “What if no one calls in and wants the cd” but was very happy when all the lines lit up immediately. Maybe we are getting somewhere with this whole thing. We are doing a photo shoot tomorrow in Atlanta and I am actually looking forward to that. I think we may get on a roof top for some shots…that could be cool. Maybe Adam won’t freak out because he is scared of heights.

Anyway, back to Saturday…We’ll probably rent a movie of some sort or maybe get one on DirecTV, play with Jack some, definitely clean (Ashley thinks that is having fun), hopefully watch the Braves, etc, etc then church in the morning. So as Will Ferrell said on Old School…”pretty busy Saturday, maybe Home Depot too, I don’t know…I don’t know if we’ll have time!”


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