From good to bad.

April 7, 2008

So I ended the day today by finding out that our current single, “Glorious King,” had moved up to #12 this week on the Christian Radio Weekly Independent Chart. This is so exciting because it is only our second week at these reporting stations. Hopefully, it will keep moving up and we will have a top 5 song at GMA. Anyway, I was feeling pretty good…not quite ridin’ high but still feeling pretty good. I then proceded to head out into the yard and cut grass, weed eat, etc. I’m beep boopin’ around rockin’ out to R.E.M. Live on my iPod and turn the corner to head into the backyard and…

My yard drains worse than any other piece of property on our street…we sit at the low point. I thought it was going to be dry enough to cover the whole yard but no. Now, I could have gotten my truck out there and pulled it out but with the place it was sitting in the yard I would’ve then had a stuck vehicle as well.

I pretty much went from cool as the other side of the pillow to mad as a rattlesnake. Oh well, I’ll finish it tomorrow. Also, Robby won the movie quote…Braveheart. I still think the level of play needs to be raised…and it shall be next week.

Ashley is cooking supper…things are looking up again.


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