A chex mix of info for you.

April 4, 2008

I couldn’t decide on one topic to write about which certainly explains the title. I am currently sitting up late watching the Gospel Music Channel. Directv, which is awesome, just picked up GMC and I am loving it. They show some good stuff. Hey, the band is doing a cool promotion today (Friday)…oh my, Brian Free is on GMC…odd…but cool for SG! Anyway, back to the promotion…we are selling the new album for $4. It’s “four for $4 on 4/4!!” It is one day only, so if you haven’t gotten the album yet, click here to take advantage of this awesome deal! Thanks, we appreciate the support!

By the way, dont’ start selling out the Braves…they are going to be OK. All these losses have been one run games…something to think about. However, Mike Hampton is BACK on the Disabled List…send him back to where he came from. Enough is enough! It has been cool, however, to have baseball games back on the tube. This has been yet another busy week at work and with the band. We are gearing up for GMA week 2008 in a couple of weeks. This year should really be fun for us because we are going to be doing a lot of interviews and meeting a good bit of radio people in support of our current radio single. We are really excited to get the spin report at the end of this week and see where we are at. We are home all weekend this weekend so this should be a fun weekend for me and Ashley to do yard work, go out to eat, and hopefully go to the movies…I want to see 21.


If we see it, I’ll let you know what I thought. Also, I am adding a book to the current reading list although I am not going to start it until I finish “The Case.” Robby gave me this book:


He has been saying for a while it was a kinda hard book to read although it was good as well. So I am a little nervous, but still excited…will keep you updated.


2 Responses to “A chex mix of info for you.”

  1. Erik Says:

    Hampton = finished

  2. One Ole Dude Says:

    Hampton = never got started

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