A look into “The Case”

March 25, 2008

Not many answers to the movie quote. I am hoping that is because people are stumped and not because no one is reading my blog. I guess that will come.

I am still making my way through “The Case for Christ” and it is becoming more and more interesting. We met Mark Cahill this past year and he wrote a book called “The One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven.” I know your curiosity is killing you…the answer is: witness to a lost person. He cites regularly passages from “The Case..” and it is nice to now be going through the complete version. I thought it would be neat to start outlining a few things this book points out so that you guys can ponder and hopefully use something in your conversations with other Christians and non-belivers alike.

Many nay-sayers point to the Bible as being the only historical account of Jesus’ life and that there is no other documents supporting that he even existed. This is absolutely 100% percent not true. Josephus was a well known first-century historian whose most ambitious work was a history of the Jews from Creation until his time. He eventually betrayed the Jews to save his own life and became a defender of Rome. Did you know that Josephus refers in his writing to James, the brother of Jesus and to Jesus himself? So, here we have a historian’s documents (aside from The New Testament) discussing Jesus’ life and furthermore acknowledges in his writing that Jesus “was called the Christ.”

I will probably post a few more points from the book as I continue reading through it. I would encourage you to read this book as well and dig deeper into this information. You have knowledge to gain and can really equip yourself to discuss with people why you believe what you believe….because it is true. For a great read on truth, click “Reid Ward” on my blogroll and find some of his posts on the topic.


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