Movie Quote Monday #1

March 24, 2008

One of my “useless talents” is being able to quote, with great accuracy, lines and phrases from countless movies. So, I thought it would be fun to incorporate said talent into this blog. Here is the game: every monday I will post a line or lines from a movie and then, hopefully, you will post comments and try to guess the right answer. The winner will receive bragging rights and cool points only….no cash or cash value prizes involved. Away we go…

Batboy: Get a hit, Crash.
Crash: (slight pause, looks at batboy)…Shut-up.


3 Responses to “Movie Quote Monday #1”

  1. gack24 Says:

    Stupid picture didn’t load…what a load of “Bull”

  2. Adam Says:

    Bull Durham, I’m awesome!

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