March 23, 2008

Today, I did the Dollywood thing with Ashley and her fam.  I have actually been looking forward to this.  We made a full day of it…rode a lot of rides, saw some shows including the Kingdom Heirs.  I have to be honest, being close to the Gold City guys allows me to be around them a lot and hear them sing very often.  I think this has spoiled me considerably when it comes to hearing other quartets sing because as we exited the Kingdom Heirs show I was like, “Ehh.”  In the words of Randy Jackson, “It was just OK for me.”  There were some highlights…they have a very good bass singer and I do like seeing a SG (that’s Southern Gospel for the lay person) group with a band…mainly a drummer.  But, other than that…just OK.

I did, however, enjoy going into the Southen Gospel Music Hall of Fame for the first time ever.  There is a lot of cool stuff in there and there is actually a brick out front in honor of my dad’s old group, The Singing Emmanuels.  I took a photo on my phone so I am not sure if I can get it on here…but I’ll try.  It was kinda neat to see that and feel somewhat a part of it.

There were some cool coasters and the food was great.  Hey, it’s Dollywood.  Good day.



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