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New Braves jerseys…..YES!!

March 31, 2008

I have been saying this for 7 years….The Braves need to have an alternate navy top along with a solid navy hat…look what happened this year:


They look awesome. However, they did lose 3-2 in the bottom of the ninth. Back in Atlanta tonight!!!


Movie Quote Monday #2

March 31, 2008

Here you go…hopefully more will participate this week:

“What you gotta do is think real hard and come up with someone who can’t be traced to either one of us who can pay a visit to that guy she was with. “

Pretty funny shirt at Target.

March 28, 2008


The 2008 Atlanta Braves

March 27, 2008

OK, so I said I was going to give my two cents about this years version of the Atlanta Braves…here we go. Last year, the Braves almost made a last minute run at the division. The trade for Mark Teixeira made it obvious they were trying to make up some ground but, actually came up short.

This off-season marked the departure of longtime centerfielder, Andruw Jones…I say, see ya. I think he will most definitely be missed defensively but I don’t believe it will be that hard to replace his .215 average and 25-30 home runs. It’s not difficult to find a big-leaguer that can hit 25-30 “mistakes from pitchers” in a season. Enter the new centerfielder, Mark Kotsay. Kotsay is a veteran and I think will fit in well in Atlanta. We also saw the departure of Edgar Renteria whom I believe is one of the most complete “professionals” in the game. He was solid, consistent, made every play, throws the ball as hard as he needs to…good ball player. However, he already has a few stickers on his suitcase and I knew he would move on. This allows for youngster Yunel Escobar to play shortstop everyday which will also put second basemen Kelly Johnson in the line-up everyday. I think I am more excited about Johnson playing everyday than Escobar but they will both do well. I love Johnson’s approach at the plate. He gets such a good look at the ball and will be a great leadoff man…look.


In my opinion, he is the best “hitter” on the team. Escobar will still make some mistakes but he is going to wow some people.

So, that brings us to the back-to-back switch hitting power combination of Chipper Jones and Mark Teixeira. As long as Chipper can stay healthy, (and Teixeira too for that matter) this can be a dangerous part of the line-up. And, if they are pitched around, you will then face the natural, the hometown boy, Jeff Francoeur. As I outlined earlier, I am looking for Francoeur to have a break-out MVP type year at the plate. He is on point defensively and has a cannon and you may not can tell on TV but he is a monster. Matt Diaz will be the everyday left-fielder and will also be solid at the plate. He makes contact every time he is at the plate…and he is a seminole.

Brian McCann will serve behind the plate and cater to what should be as good a pitching staff as we have had in a while….Smoltz, Glavine (once again), Hudson and others who need to prove themselves before I mention them in a blog. So, the outlook is good. Division title, yes. League title, perhaps. World Series, oh please let it be!

The picture I mentioned earlier.

March 27, 2008

I was able to get the photo off my phone to my computer of our brick at the SGMA Hall of Fame. Click below for a larger image….pretty cool.


Time for Baseball.

March 26, 2008

I got up early this morning and caught about the last half of the Redsox/A’s game live from Japan. The A’s won. The Braves open up this sunday night live on ESPN and then have their home opener the next day. Who knows, I may be there. At any rate, baseball season is here again and I have a reason to watch sportscenter now.

I think later today I will post my preview and prediction for our beloved Atlanta Braves. This could be a great year for the Bravos. Small hint on prediction…Braves Baby, Francoeur, is going to have an MVP year!!


By the way, Adam Blalock won the first Movie Quote Monday…the answer was Bull Durham.


A look into “The Case”

March 25, 2008

Not many answers to the movie quote. I am hoping that is because people are stumped and not because no one is reading my blog. I guess that will come.

I am still making my way through “The Case for Christ” and it is becoming more and more interesting. We met Mark Cahill this past year and he wrote a book called “The One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven.” I know your curiosity is killing you…the answer is: witness to a lost person. He cites regularly passages from “The Case..” and it is nice to now be going through the complete version. I thought it would be neat to start outlining a few things this book points out so that you guys can ponder and hopefully use something in your conversations with other Christians and non-belivers alike.

Many nay-sayers point to the Bible as being the only historical account of Jesus’ life and that there is no other documents supporting that he even existed. This is absolutely 100% percent not true. Josephus was a well known first-century historian whose most ambitious work was a history of the Jews from Creation until his time. He eventually betrayed the Jews to save his own life and became a defender of Rome. Did you know that Josephus refers in his writing to James, the brother of Jesus and to Jesus himself? So, here we have a historian’s documents (aside from The New Testament) discussing Jesus’ life and furthermore acknowledges in his writing that Jesus “was called the Christ.”

I will probably post a few more points from the book as I continue reading through it. I would encourage you to read this book as well and dig deeper into this information. You have knowledge to gain and can really equip yourself to discuss with people why you believe what you believe….because it is true. For a great read on truth, click “Reid Ward” on my blogroll and find some of his posts on the topic.

Movie Quote Monday #1

March 24, 2008

One of my “useless talents” is being able to quote, with great accuracy, lines and phrases from countless movies. So, I thought it would be fun to incorporate said talent into this blog. Here is the game: every monday I will post a line or lines from a movie and then, hopefully, you will post comments and try to guess the right answer. The winner will receive bragging rights and cool points only….no cash or cash value prizes involved. Away we go…

Batboy: Get a hit, Crash.
Crash: (slight pause, looks at batboy)…Shut-up.

Happy Easter!!

March 23, 2008

Today is the day we celebrate the event that is the very cornerstone of our faith. Without Jesus’ resurrection, Christianity is just another religion.  I have been doing a lot of studying and reading lately about this very event.  I will probably post this week about that as well.  Little hint, I am currently reading “The Case for Christ”…more to come.

We are still in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge so I’m off for a day filled with fudge.  


March 23, 2008

Today, I did the Dollywood thing with Ashley and her fam.  I have actually been looking forward to this.  We made a full day of it…rode a lot of rides, saw some shows including the Kingdom Heirs.  I have to be honest, being close to the Gold City guys allows me to be around them a lot and hear them sing very often.  I think this has spoiled me considerably when it comes to hearing other quartets sing because as we exited the Kingdom Heirs show I was like, “Ehh.”  In the words of Randy Jackson, “It was just OK for me.”  There were some highlights…they have a very good bass singer and I do like seeing a SG (that’s Southern Gospel for the lay person) group with a band…mainly a drummer.  But, other than that…just OK.

I did, however, enjoy going into the Southen Gospel Music Hall of Fame for the first time ever.  There is a lot of cool stuff in there and there is actually a brick out front in honor of my dad’s old group, The Singing Emmanuels.  I took a photo on my phone so I am not sure if I can get it on here…but I’ll try.  It was kinda neat to see that and feel somewhat a part of it.

There were some cool coasters and the food was great.  Hey, it’s Dollywood.  Good day.


I have given in…

March 23, 2008

I am officially a part of the online blogging world.  I discovered this when the band decided to get a blog and then soon found that many people I would like to keep up with also blog.  To me, this is better than myspace (which I don’t personally have) because its more about actual thoughts and not so much current status or photos from the weekend, etc.  So, I will be posting here often and most of which will be different than the posts I make on the band blog.  I hope many of my friends will catch on and become bloggers themselves so we can all live in happy blogging harmony!

Thanks for coming, please keep checking back and for goodness sake…start a blog!